The Infamous M Fashioned

At M Bar, we always source the highest quality of all liquors. One of our specialty drinks that have not changed throughout the seasons is the M Fashioned. This cocktail is a spin-off of the classic Old Fashioned. We constantly strive for the best, so we decided to establish our own version of this all time favorite cocktail.

The M Fashioned is crafted with Makers 46. This whiskey is considered to be bolder and has a more complex flavor, due to being aged in French Oak. The Oak gives this whiskey delectable caramel and vanilla notes. Makers 46 has a specific flavor that pairs perfectly with Demerara Scrappy’s Orange and Chocolate Bitters. To enhance your M Fashioned experience, you are able to choose our own Makers Mark Private Select Whiskey. 

The M Fashioned is a classic at M Bar. We deliver supreme value with everything we do. The M Fashioned is the perfect cocktail to portray exactly what M Bar stands for. This cocktail is considered elegance in a glass. Due to this, the M Fashioned is the top seller among all our cocktails offered. Come in tonight to get your hands on the admirably constructed M Fashioned.

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