Single Barrel Specialty

It is always an exciting time around M Bar when we unveil a new cocktail menu. This time, our new cocktails are all about our single barrel liquors. We focused on very refreshing flavors such as lemon, apple and vanilla.

If you’re craving a fresh cocktail, The Root of all Ginger and She’s Apples would be the choices for you. The Root of all Ginger perfectly pairs 1792 Bourbon with ginger pear jam, Lucky Falernum, Dubonnet Rouge, and lemon. She’s Apples pairs Absolut Elyx, Berentzen Apple, and lemon. These two specialty cocktails are foolproof for an after-work cocktail.

If you’re in the mood for something out of the ordinary, go for an Earth, Smoke, & Oak or a Zero to 86 cocktail. Both of these cocktails feature our single barrel liquors. Zero to 86 includes “Noe Time” Knob Creek Single Barrel. This is combined with simple syrup, Absinthe, and Peychard. Earth, Smoke, & Oak includes Noble Oak Bourbon that is then blended with Becherovka, Bonal, Vanilla, and Angostura Bitters to create a superb mixture.

The cocktails, The Other Side of the Pillow and the Elegant Old Fashion are perfect for an after-dinner drink. Both cocktails have sweet aromas that are a perfect ending to a night. The Other Side of the Pillow combines indulgent flavors such as Larceny, egg-white, vanilla, cream, and simple syrup. The Elegant Old Fashion merges decadent flavors such as our “Unanimous” Wathen’s Single Barrel, Angostura & Chocolate Bitters, Benedictine, and Demerara Sugar. These two crafted cocktails are a lovely ending to a date night after an exquisite dinner.

Stop into M Bar to give these exclusive cocktails a try! We have perfectly paired flavors to suit your every mood.

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