Single Barrel Collection

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The single barrel bourbons that are introduced to the M Bar all have a distinct flavor. Each barrel we receive is limited to their quantities, making them a rare find for our guests.  Here are some of the single barrel options that are available for purchase at your next visit with us.

Our Russel’s Red Eye and Russel’s Sophie’s Choice Single Barrels are a perfect choice if you have a sweet tooth. With flavors of caramel and vanilla, these bourbons are perfect for an after-dinner drink that is best served neat, on the rocks, and even in a cocktail. Both of these single barrel bourbons are currently available at the M Bar for $45 a bottle. Come in to try each to see which one you prefer.

There are currently two Knob Creek Single Barrels in our collection. If you are in the mood for a nutty and oak flavored bourbon, go with our Knob Creek Rye Rye Baby. If you prefer more of a vanilla and cinnamon flavor, stick with our Knob Creek Noe Time. Each bottle goes for $45. No matter which Knob Creek Single Barrel that you choose, both will be equally satisfying.

If you enjoy bourbon with more of an oak flavor, give our Wathen’s Single Barrel Bourbon a taste. This bourbon has a light amber color that gives the perfect aroma and flavor to sip on. The Wathen’s Single Barrel Bottle is $59.

Our Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is our newest bottle that has been introduced to our collection. This single barrel has flavors of brown sugar that makes it a notable whiskey. The Jack Daniel’s barrel is also known to have a slightly peppery taste, which is unique in itself. This distinct single barrel is $40 per bottle.

The Altos Single Barrel Tequila is our first non-bourbon single barrel that was introduced to our collection. This tequila has similar flavors to some of our single barrel bottles. With flavors of vanilla, allspice, and oak, it is truly one unique Tequila. The purchase price for this bottle is $39.99.

You can never go wrong with a single barrel bourbon from M Bar. Every bourbon is aged to perfection with unique flavors. Join us this evening to try a few of our different single barrel bourbons and whiskeys. Leave a comment below to let us know which one is your favorite!

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