Rye Rye Baby

Being known for our bourbon and whiskey selection is something that we take pride in. All of our single barrel bourbons and whiskeys have been a huge hit among our guests. We were thrilled last evening when we introduced our second Knob Creek single barrel bourbon to our collection. This time, this Kentucky bourbon is a rye whiskey named Rye Rye Baby.

Every single barrel we introduce to our bar is different. Every barrel has its own unique flavor that can only be found in that specific bourbon. This is why our guests jump at the chance to purchase our single barrel bottles when a new release party is announced.

Rye Rye Baby has a bold and spicy flavor with vanilla and oak undertones that give it a touch of sweetness. With its beautiful dark amber color, this single barrel is one that we are glad to add to our collection.

Although this event was free entry, guests took advantage of the party release package that could be purchased. This package included a bottle of our single barrel, Rye Rye Baby and a special release cocktail featuring the new whiskey.

There are still bottles available for purchase. Grab a bottle before they are gone! Don’t miss out on this unique, bold flavor that is distinct in this Knob Creek Single Barrel, Rye Rye Baby.

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