Maker's Wanted Happy Hour

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Our Maker’s Wanted Happy Hour Event took place this past Thursday in our Kaiser Darrin and Bourbon Room. All guests showed up to enjoy the cocktail specials, vendors, Maker’s Dipping Station, and the Maker’s Caricature station.

The Kaiser Darrin Room had all of the local vendors. Gypset, The Heavy, and a leather maker were some of the few that joined us to showcase their unique items for sale. The Maker’s Shaker station was also highly trafficked in the Kaiser Darrin Room. Guests were able to choose their own fruits that were then mixed with Maker’s Mark and fruit juices to create the infamous Maker’s Shaker. The Maker’s Dipping Station was dipping jars into their well-known red wax for everyone to take home!

The Bourbon Room was selling Maker’s Mark blank bottles that included a caricature drawing of the guest’s choice! Everyone chose to have their pets, family members, or even themselves drawn on their special bottle!

This event was enjoyable for everyone. Maker’s Mark and Maker’s 46 were being poured in almost every drink ordered. Vendors were mingling with the locals, and a large donation was made to Pet Rescue by Judy!

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