Knob Creek 8675309 Release

Everybody loves the 80’s! Among all party-goers, it seems to be that an 80’s themed event is always a successful party. Everyone enjoys participating in getting dressed up and listening to the music from that decade. We knew that when releasing our newest Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon called 8675309, that an 80’s themed event would be the perfect way to introduce this new barrel.

The new single barrel, 8675309, fits right in with our other single barrels - it’s perfect to sip on straight, neat, or in a cocktail. With being released right when the weather starts to cool down, this bourbon will be the one that you turn to on that chilly day in the upcoming fall and winter months.

This bourbon does have its notable differences amongst the other single barrels with a deep and dark color that has a distinct nutty flavor. The aroma is slightly smoky, which gives this bourbon a competitive edge among our selection.

Having both our 80’s night and our Single Barrel Release party in the same evening was a hit among all guests. Everyone enjoyed drinks that were crafted with 8675309, while wearing their 80’s gear and listening to the live 80’s band, GTO throughout the evening.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a bottle of 8675309, join us this evening to give it a try in a cocktail! Take one home at the price of $50 for the perfect addition to your bourbon shelf.

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