Heaven in a Cocktail

At the M Bar we are known for our utopia of crafted cocktails. This season we have created a great line-up of new mixtures for our guests to try. One of our personal favorites we have devised is the Empyrean. Empyrean is defined as the highest part of heaven, which certainly gives the cocktail a high standard among all others. This fiery red cocktail is not one to overlook this season.

This concoction includes multiple ingredients that give you the perfect mixture of liquid heaven. The Empyrean includes the “Red Eye” Russell’s Single Barrel, making this drink exceptional and exclusive to M Bar. It is infused with cherries, basil, and lemon to give the cocktail a rich and aromatic taste. A mixture of milk and added Fall spices are then splashed over a single cube in a rocks glass. It’s simply delicious!

Out of all the new drinks unveiled here at the M Bar, the Empyrean seems to be a favorite among our staff. Our bartender, Travis claims that the Empyrean is his favorite new cocktail listed on the menu. The Empyrean gives an exceptional affair that is most definitely a requirement to try.

There are many other cocktails that have been introduced to our menu. Every single one is well deserving of a taste. Stop by tonight and check out the array of classic vehicles while you sip on your perfectly crafted cocktail. 

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