Australia Day

Australia Day at M Bar was a big hit. There were tons of delicious appetizers, drinks specials, and fun attractions! Everyone showed up with their families and friends to celebrate this special day at M Bar.

All our guests took advantage of the $5 Fosters and the $15 endless wine. Craig Thompson kept the crowd going with his live entertainment. Our guests were dancing and having a great time listening to him play his instruments and sing his classic tunes. The vintage arcade games were a big hit among the little ones that were at the bar. All the children flocked to the entertaining games. The photo booth was also a great addition to the day as well. Everyone captured the fun by using all of the Australian props.

Of course, the biggest hit that day were the kangaroos.Guests were able to have one-on-one encounters with the kangaroos by petting and holding them throughout the event. Everyone especially loved the baby kangaroo that was brought into the M Bar – he seemed to be a favorite amongst guests. 

Various appetizers were placed out for our guests to enjoy. There were oversized charcuterie and cheese boards, bread baskets, fruit trays, and pastries! There was also Australian snacks available for everyone to try. We brought in Vegemite, which is known as a spread made of leftover brewer’s yeast. As known as a very popular snack in Australia, this spread is typically eaten on crackers or bread. Some people loved it, some people hated it, but it was definitely worth a try on Australian Day!

Everyone had such a great time with us on Australia Day. Our guests were enjoying the music, food, and great company. It was definitely a celebration that you did not want to miss.

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